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Customized design and production

shoulder pad produced in Italy

Shoulder pads design.

Shoulder pads

The construction of a jacket shoulder is a very complex work. The seam of the shoulder should appear straight and not curled (the armhole must be supported by lightweight padding), while in the case of a "sleeve inserted shirt" a curl is created naturally at the top of the shoulder which gives to the dress a less formal look.

rolls produced in Italy

Sleeve head rolls design.


The sleeve head roll is an invisible but essential accessory for the correct armholes shaping, it gives a good fit to the dress. It is one of the many items produced and manufactured in an entirely individual way for our customers.

plastron produced in Italy

Plastron design.


The design of the prefabricated pectoral plastron, following the customer specific requests, with straight or zigzag stitches, gives better features to the dress.

accessories produced in Italy

Various accessories for clothing and tailors.


Besides shoulder pads, rolls, and plastron we can make other accessories for clothing and tailoring like: band-rool, suit covers, internal reinforcement belt, interior jacket adhesive, undercollar, undercollar tailoring, etc.. For a complete list of the avilable custom products, please contact us.

International service

rolls Shipment of italian made accessories all over the world.

Spallinificio del Sud in collaboration with his partners, today can produce and ship "100% made in Italy" products all over ther world.
The production is carried out in Italy in accordance with international quality and safety standards, giving to the customers the best products and value/prices in the sector.

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